July 31, 2012

Jeans and Cocktails

Last Saturday, my friends and I went out for drinks and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out this cocktail manicure that has been floating around the interwebs.

The idea is that you paint the first 3 fingers on the hand you hold your drink with in a bold accent colour so that it stands out as you hold your drink. I originally started with a plain manicure using a duochrome polish, but it clashed with my outfit so I switched to the cocktail manicure.

I started out with the "base" colour, for lack of a better word. I used a polish from the new Maybelline Color Show line called Denim Dash.

What's interesting about this polish is that it has a fine silvery-gray shimmer and it dries matte, giving the illusion of looking like denim. Genius. This is such a special polish. It has a twin called Styled Out that I originally passed up on because I thought it would be too similar to Essie's Smooth Sailing, but I pretty much ran back to Wal-Mart to get it when I saw that these polishes marked "Denims" had such an interesting finish.

For the accent colour, I used Optical Illusion from the recent China Glaze Prismatic collection, a dense glitter in a tinted base that shifts from teal to pink depending on the angle/lighting. The flash pictures bring out this crazy mermaid-scale-like quality to the colour. There are no words.

Lightbox, direct

Lightbox, indirect

Lightbox, flash

 Bonus, the bottle that I got at Winners came with one of those limited edition silver bottle caps, which is something that I've always wanted to have from China Glaze, but for some reason I just never got one, even when the opportunity presented itself. I'm a very picky polish fiend.

I was also hoping to get a picture of me holding the actual cocktail that I drank that night, but...it never happened, for obvious reasons, LOL. Instead, please enjoy this picture of me holding a wine glass filled with blue water as a simulation of the true purpose of a cocktail manicure.

 I hope you enjoyed that extremely pic-heavy post and had just as good of a weekend as I've had. (I know that the event I'm talking about happened two weekends ago, but I wish you happiness and funtimes all the same.) 

Cocktail manicures (as per the chart from China Glaze) are supposed to be representative of a certain cocktail, but since I just matched the colours to my outfit, I'm not sure what cocktail it would have represented...what cocktail do you think it could have been?

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