July 23, 2012


I'm back! As expected, running out of scheduled posts caused me to drop off the face of the planet, or, at least off the face of this blog. I'm on my last day of antibiotics, and here I am to show you the first mani that I did post zombie state.

China Glaze Ahoy! wasn't a polish that I immediately wanted. I'd seen it at Sally's before, and since it was in the pink family, I passed over it without much of a thought. It wasn't until we were browsing through pictures of what came in the March and/or April Loose Button boxes that I decided that I wanted Ahoy! What stopped me from getting this sooner was the misconception that this was the same colour as China Glaze Strawberry Fields, which I already owned.

I'm sad to say that these pictures are not the most colour accurate ones, but they were the only ones I managed to get while I was still technically "sick". Ahoy! is a darker magenta shade with gold/pink shimmer running throughout. 

The last picture is probably the most colour accurate of the bunch, but at the same time it doesn't accurately portray that this colour is more of a magenta than the brighter pink of the picture -- it's definitely darker than that. I actually took the picture in my makeshift light box using a full spectrum bulb. I think I did it wrong, though, because the light is ridiculously bright in there and it's probably falsely brightening the colour. Plus, I used my slightly less awesome camera to take the light box pic. I'll be tweaking it in the days to come, for sure. 

A beautiful colour, and a wonderful addition to any collection. Hopefully I can get around to posting more now that I'm feeling less like I caught the plague. :P

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