July 24, 2012

Sally Hansen The Real Teal vs. Zoya Zuza

The year I spent thinking that Sally Hansen's The Real Teal and China Glaze's Custom Kicks were the same colour was spent amassing a whole lot of teal and teal-related colours. I love teal, (and blue, and green, too) in case I didn't make it clear enough in my previous posts.

Anyway, when I painted my nails with Zoya Zuza, my bottle of The Real Teal was nearby and I had a crazy thought. Are Zuza and The Real Teal the same colour? They definitely seemed so in the lighting that I was working under. So, I did a comparison:

As you can see, they are definitely NOT the same. The last picture kinda sorta shows that there might be an off chance that somebody might think that maybe the two were the same colour, but hardly. Obviously I need to get my eyes checked, I don't know why I ever thought they could be dupes of each other.

Zuza is a much warmer colour, leaning more towards the green side of teal/aquamarine. The Real Teal is, as advertised, a real teal. The shimmer is, obviously, different. The Real Teal has a more subtle shimmer, whereas Zuza has a grainy, almost fleck like golden shimmer.



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