July 10, 2012

The Real Teal

Teal (and green, for that matter) is my weakness. I can seldom say no to a nice, teal polish. It's even better when it's an inexpensive teal polish. Yesterday I picked up China Glaze Exotic Encounter with my $5 off Sally's coupon, which brought my total to $1.12. Psyched.

This polish, Sally Hansen's The Real Teal was obviously no exception to my teals rule:

The Real Teal is a medium teal polish with similarly coloured shimmer which is subtle enough to make it look like a creme in the top picture, but trust me, that shimmer makes its presence known. I've used this polish several times for pedicures -- I love the intensity of the teal. It goes on in almost 1 coat; the second is only needed for evenness.

Bonus: the name of this polish is pretty clever, and I enjoy clever names. :)

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