June 19, 2012

Wet 'n' Wild Blazed

This polish is a survivor from the second infancy of my nail polish addiction. (The first infancy was back in elementary school, which was forever ago now...) I wore it a lot two summers ago, but then I decided it was too bright and I shelved it for awhile.

Lucky for us, brights are back!

My bottle hasn't thickened at all over the years, in fact, I think it may have thinned, if that is possible. This is 3 coats of Wet 'n' Wild Blazed. The bottom picture is far more colour accurate: it's a orange-leaning light coral. The formula was okay, considering this costs $1.49. There are some bald spots, but none that you can see in this picture. Another thing was that, after 2 years of sitting in my drawer, the orange pigment settled in the bottom and some stayed there even with vigorous shaking. :S

This is a really fun colour, and I can see myself pulling this out again sometime this summer, especially since coral is really big right now. I can't believe how fast summer is passing by! STAND STILL, TIME!

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