June 26, 2012


Every now and then, I think that maybe I should do a non-nails related post. For whoever or whatever is reading out there, if anything at all, a post of that nature may not interest you. Most of my non-nails-related musings usually have to do with my other passion, baking. But if I had time to bake, do you really think I would be pre-scheduling my posts on here? Don't think so...

But I promise you, dear possibly-existent-or-not reader, that this post is still related to nails, though only in the slightest. 

Yesterday, I went to my cousin's graduation from elementary school. The experience made me feel 2 things: boredom (WAY too many speeches), and the inexplicable feeling of being old as hell (though I'm not, really. Just old compared to a room full of 13-year-olds). It got me thinking about how long ago my own graduation from elementary school was. It didn't help that all the songs that played on the radio the whole drive home were from that era. I was in full on reminisce mode.

2004 (picture of a picture...SO LAZY)
It kind of made me a little sad to think about those times, mainly because I really don't keep in touch with anybody from back then, and thinking about friendships lost really gets me down in the dumps. Not to mention that the graduation song was playing in the background, like, the whole time and it occurred to me that I was almost 25 and what I knew of where I would be when 25 came was only slightly more detailed than what it was when I heard that song for the first time as it applied to myself back in 2004. (NOTE: I read some of my diaries from this time while in reminisce mode and I thought I would have been married by 22...FOREVER ALONE!!!!)

Fast forward to later that night. And, as my mind usually does, it came onto the thought of nail polish. 2004 was the peak of my first nail polish addiction, and I vividly remember buying a bottle of NYC nail polish in a sheer white with a blue flash for my Grade 8 graduation. I can't for the life of me remember what it was called, and there would be no way of finding out, since I threw that bottle away ages ago. Then, riding the same train of thought, I thought about the polish I may or may not have worn to my high school graduation. 

Yesterday also happened to be 4 years to the day of my high school graduation. In 2008, nail polish was definitely not high on the radar. I had this bottle of Sally Hansen Lavender Envy that I wore to pretty much everywhere, in addition to my bottle of Lime Lights and Marine Scene, all sheer polishes by Sally Hansen. Lavender Envy was a sheer pink, impossible to build to opacity, that flashed green in the light. Sadly, I lost Lavender Envy some time in 2009 and I haven't been able to retrieve it. I brought it in my purse to a birthday party of a family friend and I don't remember seeing it since. 

To top it all off, EVERYBODY on my facebook is graduating! It got me thinking about my own, which will be happening next year and not this year with the rest of the people I came into university with. And, of course, it got me thinking -- will I wear yet another sheer polish to follow the trend? Probably not. At this point, sheers are not worth my time, in my opinion. I've mentioned this in previous  posts, but thinking about the future still kind of makes me sick to my stomach. Graduation this time means entering the real world, and it SCARES THE SHIT OUT OF ME! 

Part of reminisce mode last night was  a longing for the carefree nature of graduating from Grade 8, looking forward to lockers and the safe sort of independence that comes with being a teenager. The valedictorian at the ceremony today sure had a lot to say about being grown up and wanting her father to let her date more boys, (in a few words, "Shut up, Dad, you don't understand," which was a pretty shallow thing to be mentioning considering you're supposed to be the valedictorian and all...way to inspire your class, buddy.)  I really just wanted to tell her that she should slow down. It really is not long until you are facing your last summer, taking a look back.

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