June 09, 2012

Fish Egg Manicure

I wanted to post this as a caviar manicure, but I really didn't think that this was a great time for me to be getting any cease and desist letters, so I changed it last second. Today is a special post, as today I will be going to my cousin's wedding...and to celebrate, a wedding manicure!

It's a wedding manicure because it incorporates 4 elements: something old (Barielle - Love: I already owned this polish, and it is appropriately named), something new (the beads, bought at Michael's while they still had their 20% off e-mail promotion), something borrowed (THE TREND!), and something blue (Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect - Air, a light blue pastel with a hint of shimmer).

Doing a fish egg manicure was both easier and harder than I thought it would be. Sticking the beads on was much easier than I thought; I thought that the beads would just roll off and I would really have to work hard to stick them on, but I was wrong -- the beads stuck to my nail polish as I sprinkled them on and only needed light pressure to really get them in there. The clean-up was definitely harder. As I type this, my foot has picked up about a billion little beads while brushing against the floor. I'll definitely be using a more efficient way to collect the loose beads next time.

I'm kind of regretting my decision now to paint my thumb blue underneath. The white is much more elegant. But the blue has some charm to it as well. It casts the clear beads more towards their purple/gold colour from the shimmer.

I like the look much more than I thought I would. I fully expected to be borderline disgusted with the look, owing to my lack of experience with this type of mani, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was and how well it turned out!

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