June 30, 2012

Canada Day, Part 1

One of my very first posts on this blog was to show off my Canada Day manicure. Tomorrow being Canada Day once again, I'm here to show you one of my manicures for Canada Day 2012!

Well, to be completely honest, this was the first manifestation of the only one manicure that I had planned to do. I bought Wet n Wild's Explosion After Dark from the limited edition Sparks and Stripes Collection thinking it would be the foundation of my Canada Day mani. I had also planned to use acrylics to paint on a maple leaf, but I stumbled upon a package of Canada themed temporary tattoos.

I used 1 coat of Sally Hansen White On, carefully placed so as to minimize bald spots. On all but my ring finger, I used 1 coat of China Glaze White Cap and 2 coats of Explosion After Dark, which is a mix of silver, black, and red medium-sized hexagonal glitter.

You can really see the gold shimmer that White Cap imparted to this mani in the last 2 pictures. I applied the temporary tattoo using a cotton pad soaked in water placed on top of the tattoo as it was pressed to my nail. You can see a crack in the "h", which is a result of me not applying pressure to the whole curved surface of the nail, causing the edges to lift and crack when I removed the paper backing.

Although I LOVED how this mani turned out and the mix and contrast of the glitters against the white background, I thought that it didn't quite fit the theme of Canada Day enough: too much black glitter, not enough red glitter. But I'll save that for tomorrow's actual Canada Day manicure. ;)

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