May 02, 2012


Back from New York! Let me tell you, it is both wonderful and depressing at the same time that I'm writing this in my pajamas at 3PM in my living room in front of Forrest Gump on the television, in cloudy old Toronto when less than 48 hours ago I was frolicking (yes, frolicking) on a sunny day in Central Park.

Anyway, even though I didn't get as much shopping done as I wanted to, I did end up buying a few nail polishes. This one is one I bought specifically for the name:

This is S.X.Y. by Unforgettable Moments in Seductive Berry. It's a pink-leaning red that I honestly am a little disappointed in since in the bottle it appeared to be more pink and it's a lot more red on the nail than I expected. The formula was a little watery, so it made for an awfully streaky first coat. On the first nail it started to separate, so I thought that it was a crackle polish, but it evened out on the second coat.

I knew I needed to have a nail polish from this brand the second we walked by the window of Payless on our way to lunch. We have this professor, whom we "lovingly" call Sxy (pronounced like Sexy) thanks to a very unfortunate assignment of e-mail addresses based on initials. The colours were pretty unremarkable, though, which is a shame. There was also an SXY perfume that I considered buying, but let's be real -- the joke isn't that funny.

Since summer has begun, I think you should expect some more crazy nail art from me!

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