May 28, 2012

The Day of the Glass Shards (or, an ode to Angeline)

I hope you all enjoyed my clip from Baby Mama in the last post. LOVE THAT MOVIE. If you are as crazed as I am, you would have probably noticed that the clip just kept going on and on, the movie unfurling before you. :)

A couple of days ago, there was an incident. While taking a dress out of my closet to try on, I knocked over a small basket full of polishes that my mom had been picking through for her pedicure. The result was...a bright pink puddle on the floor. My bottle of American Apparel's Angeline had broken. The worst part was, the basket dragged a brand new top (like super brand new, I had bought it that morning) down with it and now it has bright pink splatters all over it. :( I didn't take a picture. It would have been too depressing.

Here is a poem expressing my state of depression:

Oh, Angeline, you were of bright pink.
If only I had stopped to think,
To put you into your proper place,
In the polish drawer, sparing my top of lace.

I bought you back at the start of the year,
With a Groupon at a price set to clear.
You only cost me three dollars flat,
but your explosion has cost me three times that!

Your demise forced me to do some cleaning,
To count the bottles who sit there gleaming.
I picked you up with my friend Tracy,
maybe 200 bottles is much too crazy?

Eternal no-buy? Might be in my future.

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