May 26, 2012

The Day of the Glitter Shards

I might have already told you about the day last week when I got 3 bottles of glitter polish that had these glitter "shards" as I refer to them. They're not quite flakies, not quite a uniformly shaped glitter, they're...shards. The first two I got from Winners, Color Club's Diamond Drops and Covered in Diamonds. I actually had to do some switcheroo to get Covered in Diamonds (it looks so much like Luxe and Lush from The Hunger Games collection, I had to get it), but to be fair, the other polish paired with Diamond Drops wasn't the one that was originally inside that Color Club duo anyway, so...justified.

The other was from Forever 21, the creatively named Pink:

I slowly got tired of the orange-ness and the nude-ness of Sorbet that I decided a coat of this would do the trick. Pink is a mixture of small iridescent round glitters with larger "shards" of glitter in a sheer pink base. This was one coat of Pink, but it wouldn't have been a bad thing to do two coats to even out the tone since on further inspection there were some areas of the nail that were more pink than others.

I really like how Pink turned the colour into this delicate cross between pink and orange. It's sunsetty. Like a sunset:

For the first time ever, I have actually fallen behind on posting swatches! This kind of excites me, since I'm more of a wear the manicure kind of girl. This, of course, means no shortage of new material, so if you're there, please stay tuned. :P

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