May 07, 2012

Zoya Apple

While doing my toenails, I flip-flopped between a number of different candidates for my new mani. Like I said before, I was kind of disappointed in Seductive Berry, but everybody really liked it so I kept it on a little longer than I planned to. I was going to get a start on my summer nail art, but I didn't have a chance to sit down until it was almost midnight and I really wasn't in the mood to do anything too elaborate. In any case, it was time for me to pick a more summery colour in honour of the start of summer!

The colour that eventually won out was Zoya Apple, a colour that I debated buying all of last summer and eventually got my hands on it at 50% off a few months ago.

Apple is an apple-green with chunky gold shimmer. The finish is a bit frosty, which I'm not digging at the moment, but it's slowly beginning to grow on me. 

After 2 coats I still saw some visible nail line, but it might have just been the bright light from my desk lamp. In any case, 3 coats will do the job. I had lobster hands when I was doing my stretches this morning, which was odd, since my skin tone does not usually lend to lobster hands, but nevertheless, it happened. The picture definitely makes it seem like I have lobster hands, but trust me, in real life my skin is yellow as can be!

In other news, I called my bank today to figure out why my credit card wasn't working. I thought it was because I used it in NYC and they thought it had been stolen. Turns out I missed my minimum payment of $10.00. Whoops. I could hear the judgement leaking from the voice of the lady on the other end. I guess it was for the best that my card wasn't working, otherwise I would have bought the entire Zoya Surf collection...

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