May 21, 2012

Nails Inc. Spitalfields

Last Wednesday, I took a little trip down to the mall and happened upon is the usual pattern of my trips to the mall. My only intention of entering Sephora was to try out a bunch of testers and to maybe score some sweet loot from the clearance section and the area near the cash register where they have all those cute little mini products. My wallet's been feeling a little empty lately. It was all going well ($5 for a Hello Kitty Liquid Nail Art polish) until...

The lady at the register had all but said "$5.65, please," when I laid my eyes on Nails Inc.'s new magnetic polish release, Spitalfields. It's green. It's a magnetic polish, with a magnet I don't already have. And, did I mention that it's green?

Of course, the Sephora employee did nothing to stop me from handing her that glorious bottle of emerald magic, and after I'd done so well at avoiding the Ilamasqua rack! I was so excited about this new magnetic polish that it jumped ahead of all the other untrieds that I had waiting to be tried on this weekend. But...

Although the colour was gorgeous, I was highly disappointed by the magnet, especially considering that their previous wavy magnet was superb. My nails are not overtly curved, but they were just curved enough that the magnet would only impart its design on the top surface of my nail, if at all. And, I don't know if it was just  me, but it seemed as though the lines of the design seemed to fade as the days wore on, despite the fact that I had applied a top coat. Is that a normal problem to have with magnetic polishes? 

Overall, I feel like the design of the magnet was a very good idea in theory but not so much in the execution. I also noticed that if you applied a third coat (e.g. because the second one dried up too fast and you had to try the magnet again), the design would not even show up at all, which was highly disappointing for me, as it meant you would have to start all over again. I will probably wear this polish again, but with another magnet.


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