August 08, 2012

Ultra Flashback: Purple Gradient

So, remember when I said that it would seem like I was still here, even though I wasn't? Because I scheduled those posts?

I LIED. I said I would schedule posts, but then I got to packing, and doing my nails for this vacation, and...well here we are. I'm back from Florida, and I'm ready to start blogging again. I'll ease myself in with a flashback.

Back when my collection consisted of almost exclusively Sally Hansen polishes, I tried to do something that resembled nail art but was actually just clever brush stroking on my part. This was 3 years ago now, long before I felt the need to keep doing my nails week after week. I probably had these on for weeks, followed by naked nails altogether.

This was one coat of Sally Hansen Purple Potion as a base, with the top half painted on with one coat of Sally Hansen Deep Purple, and a coat of Sally Hansen Disco Ball to finish. I impressed myself with my first foray into "art" after having made poor attempts at drawing wonky flowers on my nails all through elementary school.

It's a pretty see-through design, as Purple Potion is pretty sheer and Deep Purple could have used another coat to reach opacity, but hey, this was my first attempt at true artsy-ness. We'll give past me a break.

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