August 17, 2012

Sexy in the City

I usually decide to buy new polishes after much debating and research using my smartphone in the beauty aisle wherever I may be. I also used to type things like "China Glaze prettiest colours" into Google in hopes of getting a response. Once I got a Yahoo answers result, and one of the responses was Sexy in the City.

Now, I've seen this colour at Sally's a million and one times, but I never thought to pick it up because it never really wowed me all that much. I bought this one while I was on vacation in Florida and we stopped at Publix to get a few snacks before we headed off to the beach.

Sexy in The City is a medium/bright blue with a teal shimmer. I would almost classify it as an aqua. It's a tiny bit sheer, as evidenced by the VNL in the pictures, but it isn't as evident in real life. This colour reminded me of the ocean, which was just what I needed in the days after returning from vacation.

Let me also express how much I adore Publix. It might be weird for those who frequent Publix often to hear somebody say that they absolutely love a grocery store, but it's true. I mean, not only do they have kick-ass potato salad (so f***ing good, I can't even explain), but they also have OPI and China Glaze in the beauty aisle! Why can't we have that over here? Not fair. I'm honestly such a loser because I kept trying to find reasons to go back to Publix just so I could take a look at what they had to offer. 

Anyway, that's your daily dose of crazy from me. In summary: I love American grocery stores, and China Glaze Sexy in The City is a beautiful colour. The end.

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