August 30, 2012

Totally Predictable

There was something that I came to realize when I pseudo-organized my collection last weekend: I, Kristine, am a predictable nail polish addict. With an overflowing green/blue drawer, we know that there are very few green or blue polishes out there that I can say no to.

So was it any surprise that when China Glaze came out with a green/blue duochrome in this summer's Bohemian Collection, I would get it as soon as I possibly could? This is China Glaze Unpredictable (the irony of it all!):

Lightbox, no flash

Lightbox, with flash



Lamp Light

Reflecting the green walls of my room
I LOVE IT. Love it, love it, love it. Love it so much that when my nail bent and almost broke at work prompting me to cut them off that night, I considered risking a painful break if only to keep this beauty on my nails a little while longer. It was really hard to capture all the beauty of this polish with my camera, but you have to agree that even with the shots that I got, you can tell that this is an awesome colour. It is a little brush stroke-y, but it's something you can live with with a colour this beautiful.

The summer is winding down now, and I'm trying really hard to try and get as much summer colour onto my nails as possible. The thought of school starting in a week actually hurts me. HURTS. I really don't want to go back when summer's been pretty good to me this year. Everyone is excited to graduate, but I want to hold on to the last days of this summer for as long as I can!

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