August 24, 2012

Nesting Mode

Every year, around the end of August, I go into full-on nesting mode. I'm not pregnant or anything, to be clear, considering the normal connotation of "nesting". I just start feeling like after four months of wallowing in my own summertime filth, it's time to clean up.

Last summer, when I went into nesting mode, I bought two rolling drawer carts. I started out with 2 of the drawers filled with polish. Yesterday, once I got everything organized, I had THREE full drawers, with about 10 or so bottles in other places.

Orange/Yellow + Glitter + Miscellaneous

Purple + Pinks/Reds + Orange

I had quite the internal debate on how to organize then lot of them. The initial plan was to sort by finish, but I decided in the end it would be much to complicated. I mean, if a polish contained subtle shimmer, but was by all other appearances a creme, would it go in the cremes section? Eventually I just did the easiest thing: sorting by colour. It's definitely not perfect; I sort of just dumped them in with little regard for organization. I might go back and sort them out by brand if I have time one day. It might look a lot nicer with all the like caps standing together.

This summer, I bought some little table-top 3-drawer storage containers to sort out my make-up and office supplies. Of course, I had to dedicate at least one drawer on top of my desk to my nail art supplies:

I'm still considering buying another storage tower for future use while they're still on sale at Walmart, since they're just so handy.

It's been a pretty productive weekend on the home front. It's been my first whole weekend off from work in awhile and I swear my room has probably never looked cleaner. Not looking forward to starting the school year soon, but I'm definitely psyched about finally getting my stash somewhat "organized". :D

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