March 05, 2012

Green Tips and SPAM

So that green series that I was planning to do obviously didn't pan out...thanks All Hail the Queen! This was supposed to be the first in the planned series, so here it is, better late than never:

This is China Glaze Four Leaf Clover with Revlon Sparkle on top in a gradient-esque manner. I got the idea from Fuck Yeah Nail Art on tumblr -- can't for the life of me remember the person who originated it, but it was there.

If you own Four Leaf Clover and have ever tried to photograph it, you know that it's pretty much the most difficult colour to capture ever. It's a vibrant medium blue-leaning green. All the camera sees is blue. It's definitely more green and bright in person. Here's the closest I could get it without digitally tweaking the colour:

 I'm kind of digging how the little silver square glitter in Revlon Sparkle turned gold when layered over top of Four Leaf Clover. I think it has something to do with the fact that I applied it while Four Leaf Clover was still not completely dry. Sparkle also has larger silver hex glitter that have a mirror-like effect, which really adds another dimension, I think. I didn't have to struggle too hard to get the hex pieces on there, as you sometimes have to with the larger hex glitter polishes.

Four Leaf Clover is actually the first China Glaze polish that I bought, in a quest to find the perfect teal colour. And I'm going to admit that I bought that 3pc Revlon mini set (with Waterfall and some green colour) for Sparkle.

And now, for the SPAM part! Ready?

12 days down, 28 to go!

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