March 06, 2012

Destination: Procrastination...on Memory Lane!

Surprise, surprise...

I was busy trying to not do any more studying, when I stumbled onto my old blog by chance. It's that apparently God-awful blog that I referred to in my first post. It was more like a poorly written and public diary that I wrote in almost daily to chronicle life events as they happened. Oh. And of course, my masterpiece story that I wrote about my friends and I back when I had time to do stuff like that.

(What's that you say? I spend just as much time doing nothing now as I did back then? You're probably right.)

Anyway...I was thinking about this story, see, and I caught myself fantasizing about that much simpler time, when I spent the greater part of a day thinking about ways to entertain the masses. (And by masses I mean the handful of people who would occasionally visit my Windows Live Space, as it was called back then.) It's hard for me to believe that the last post I made there was in June 2007, almost five years ago now - aaaaaaannnnd it's freaking me out how fast time is going and how ridiculously close I am to entering the real world. That shit crazy.

I don't remember when it was that Windows Live closed down their spaces, but I remember getting the memo pretty late in the game, when it was only days away from deleting everyone's little corner of the internet. When I first heard about it, I didn't really give it another thought -- life had moved on, there was nothing to see there. Something made me go back, though. I couldn't let it go.

A huge part of me is really glad that my past self didn't just sit back and let the old blog fade into oblivion; partly because the original computer where I had written my old story is now long gone, but mostly because it preserved a little slice of time that I will look upon more fondly despite it's cringe-worthy writing style. Maybe I'll cut my brother a little more slack -- seems like everybody was kind of a douche in high school.

Also, I like how much nicer the wordpress design is. :P

13 days down, 27 to go!

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