March 03, 2012

So Much Fawn to Be Done!

I just spent this whole afternoon doing absolutely NOTHING and it was absolutely WONDERFUL! It should really be a crime to have examinations on a Saturday. A CRIME. Going to school Monday to Friday, and working on Sunday, Saturday is my day.

(Yes, I know I have Wednesdays off, but how can you really have it "off" if you have a bazillion different things to do...and yes, I know that I still technically have a bazillion minus one things to do, and that not doing anything today really is not helping...)

SO, anyway, in an attempt to be more professional so my standardized patient would judge me hard for having galaxies on my nails, behold Sally Hansen Complete Salon So Much Fawn.

These pictures were taken on the third day of wear, which I think is pretty awesome but not unexpected from a Sally Hansen Complete Salon colour. I also impressed my pants off by taking of my last mani and putting this on in 25 minutes!

I'm feeling green for next week, how about you?

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