March 15, 2012

Flashback: Prozac

The delay between posts can totally be blamed on Daylight Savings Time. I'm all for having long summer days and all, but the time change was such a bitch this time. In case you were wondering, we lost. And now I'm back to my normal hating U of T (though secretly harboring a glimmer of may be school pride, or, heartburn).

As part of my green series, I am posting a manicure that I did in the summer, prior to writing the Jurisprudence exam. This is Orly - Mint Mojito.

No, my hand is not really that yellow. I very unskillfully altered the colour of this picture to reflect more closely what colour this polish is. The formula was a little thin, so this is three coats to acceptable opacity.

The story of how I acquired this colour is such a saga, which began with my very first post on this blog. I mentioned that I had completed my quest to find a colour that matched the green half of a Prozac capsule. This was all due to one of my lovely co-workers musing that it would be nice to have a nail polish colour like that, fully aware of the extent of my craziness, knowing that her very statement would send me into a frenzied hunt...

The hunt led me to the internet, of course, where I stumbled upon swatches of this Orly beauty after failing hard with Four Leaf Clover and almost getting there with Mermaid's Tears. Sadness overcame me when I realized that I had never seen Orly being sold anywhere and would likely never see the chance to swatch Mint Mojito. I forgot about it for the next few weeks.

Enter Sally Beauty Supply. The first time I walked through the door, I bubbled with excitement when I saw the rack of Orly polishes. It was meant to be! I asked the lady there if she knew if there were any bottles of my much coveted Mint Mojito from the Summer 2009 collection in stock. Of course, she scoffed at me and said a nail polish noob at the time, I did not understand the concept of "collections" and other "polish fiends". In desperation, I turned to e-Bay.

That's right. Mint Mojito was my very first online purchase, and I do not for a second regret it. Green is my absolute favourite colour. You can never have too many green polishes! 

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