March 01, 2012

Flashback: Zoya Faye

Happy Leap Day! (I know the date on the post is March 1st, but I wrote this minutes before midnight, so it still counts!) Did you know that we have leap years because the actual length of a year on Earth is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds? I learned a bunch of stuff that I found interesting from the following video:

Interesting, huh? Today also marks the 1 week mark on my Lent no-buy and it's been going great so far, except for the fact that I seem to always have the thought of what colours I would like to get lingering somewhere in my head. Sign of a true addict. In any case I'll get back to swatching my untrieds soon -- I wanted to keep the galaxy nails for as long as possible.

I have another flashback post instead, of the very first Zoya polish that I bought. I actually bought this together with Zoya Reva, but I wanted this one more, and since it was a buy one get one free sale, I consider Reva to be the one I got for free (though it is no less of a beauty). I bought this at the beginning of last summer. This is Zoya Faye.

I didn't have a chance to wear it until the beginning of the school year, of course, since my ever growing untrieds pile tends to hide beauties like this from sight for months at a time. Faye is a sort of rosy purple colour with gold shimmer. The picture makes it look a lot more purple than in real life. In fact, in some lights it turns an almost copper shade. Excuse the mess, this was done in the middle of doing a pile of readings for Therapeutics, which is actually the reason why I decided to wear this colour. Faye is actually the name of one of my PICs (partners in crime) for this awful, awful course (not content wise, just...ugh-wise) and I thought it would be great to kickstart the year with a little manicured tribute. It was also the reason that I even contemplated getting Zoya Cho, even though it is a yellowed-out neutral that would clash with my skin tone -- I've put it out of mind for now, but you never know...I might want to go for the complete set. ;)

I hope to get some new swatches up soon!

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