January 02, 2012



Due to an extreme need to procrastinate despite my impending doom on Wednesday and Thursday (and the rest of the semester, I guess), I have decided to make a post on my relatively inactive and most likely UNREAD nail blog.

But that's okay. We -- and by we, I mean the voices in my head and I -- have fun anyway.

Yesterday, I welcomed the New Year wth this blinged out combination. Glitter is not usually my cup of tea, since it takes about a billion years to remove it, but this year I decided to give that foil method a try. I figured now was a good a time as any, considering that I had about 6 layers of glitter and polish caked onto my nail -- 2 of Revlon Glitz & Glam, 1 of Nubar 2010, and 2 of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear In the Spotlight + base and top coats -- and I really wasn't about to spend the rest of my night picking it off in order to look somewhat less...TWELVE before school started up again. I really wish I'd taken pictures, but this will have to do:

In all seriousness, though, that foil method worked like you would not believe. All that glitter came off in one swipe. It kind of felt like my fingers were baking, though. I can't decide if that was due to the foil trapping all the heat from my fingers in, or if it was due to the acetone. I'll have to do some further experimentation.

Anyway, onto today's mani...

This was the first mani of 2012 and I kind of wanted to make it special but not too special as to require actual effort on my part. According to Grade 4-me, by the year 2012, we were supposed to have flying cars and computers which required only the power of our thoughts to type instead of tediously clacking away at a keyboard. Of course, Grade 4-me was also the President of the Snow Fort Building Club (I had my own office!) and the Running-and-Jumping-into-a-Brick-Wall-for-Funsies Club (which was rightfully shut down after a friend of mine broke the club record and then subsequently scraped off the entire side of her arm, no big). Grade 4-me was also not allowed to wear nail polish, which kind of explains Grade 7-me, and I guess University-me as well -- you know, like those kids who weren't allowed to eat sugar and then go bat shit crazy all of a sudden when they finally get a taste.

Luckily for us, something that has been invented prior to the year 2012 was magnetic nail polish:

Ta-daaaah! So impressed, I was. This is Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square, a magnetic polish that I bought at Sephora following my defeat of midterm season in November. This is my first magnetic polish, and I have to say that despite my concerns about how user-friendly magnetic polish may or may not be, I was pretty pleased by how easy it was to make my nails look this bad-ass. The outer cap comes off the bottle, leaving the smaller cap attached to the brush on the inside, which is - so I've heard - a huge advantage in terms of ease in magnetic polishes. The ring finger is a bit messed up because I put too thick a coat onto it and the magnet in the lid actually started to lift some of the polish off in droplets. Lesson learned.

Trafalgar Square has also, however, stolen the prestigious title of Most Expensive polish in my stash from Inglot 318, a light green $14 baby that I bought in Grade 8 (with the only $14 I had to my name, being 13 and all...) only to find that it was more yellow than green and totally did NOT go with my skin tone. Trafalgar Square was $18 + tax at Sephora and I really do not plan on topping that price tag anytime soon.

So that was a pretty long post. And there's probably nobody here to read it. But that's really okay, because I had a BLAST writing it.


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