January 15, 2012

Essie - As Gold As It Gets

I've been meaning to get to this, since our secret santa exchange on Tuesday, when I got 2 lovely Essie Luxeffects polishes, yay! :)

I've been on a real flakies streak lately...still kind of bummed about my impulse purchase of Barielle Elle's Spell, but flakies.

Lamp light, no flash

This is the mani I did while watching the beginning of SNL tonight, and, let me tell you, it is hard to paint your nails while you're laughing your ass off -- particularly good episode tonight. The base is Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle "Sweet Sunrise" and I used one coat of Essie "As Gold As It Gets" on top. It sort of gives it this antiqued sort of look, I think.

The pictures I have of the finished product sort of wash out the colour, so I have a picture of Sweet Sunrise on it's own. I really like this colour, and that's saying a lot, because I don't normally wear pink. It has just the right amount of warmth to it (good call on naming it sweet sunrise) and there's this really subtle silver shimmer that's just...ugh (in the "so amazing" and not in the "so disgusting" way).

Off to work tomorrow, so I really should be going. Once again, thanks for the awesome gift Stef, if you're reading this (though you probably are not. :P)

- K

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