January 19, 2012

Finger Paints Flecked

Yay! More flakies!

Finally got a chance to use one of my prized Finger Paints Flakies, in Flecked!

So pretty! More pictures:


I really have nothing else to say, except that I can't stop looking at my nails and watching the colour shift between bright green, teal, and blue. I layered it over Joe Fresh Hunter, which looks like a dark teal in the bottle, but it dries a lot darker on the nail, I find, so it looks almost black. I tried really hard to capture it in the last picture above. The formula was pretty good, going on in 2 coats (you could try a third if you really wanted, but...). The only thing I would say is that the dinky little white cap it comes with is pretty awkward to use. I kept scraping the nails on the hand I was brushing with against my desk.  I would post the picture of it on its own, but it just looks like black...

Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with myself for putting together this combo for under $10 when just 2 months ago it took all I had in me to resist The Wyndham at $23. :D

Back to work!

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