January 05, 2012

An Exercise in Self Control...

Christmas break is officially over, and although I really should be getting some more work done before the work piles up and literally crushes me underneath its weight in printed out textbook notes, I am...here.

My dotting tools and brushes came in the mail today!

I got them on eBay for like, $2 each set. I bought a brush/dotting tool at Sally's a couple of months ago for $7, so you can imagine that I kicked myself when I found them online for a significantly lower price. To be completely honest, I bought the brush set mostly for the striping brushes. I thought buying the brush set would be a money-saving manoeuvre - buying a striping brush to use with all my different nail polishes would be a lot cheaper than buying a whole lot of special striping polishes. We'll definitely see as time goes on if my genius plan was indeed...genius.

Also today was the long-awaited trip to American Apparel to finally use my 5 polishes for $15 team buy!

(Left to Right) Supernova, Angeline and Mount Royal

I shared the 5 polishes deal with a friend, because, again  I  would like to appear like I have some self control. I've never tried American Apparel polishes, but I've heard good things and can't wait to try them out. We've been pretty excited about getting our hands on Supernova, what looks to be a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, so we each grabbed a bottle. I also picked up Mount Royal and Angeline, after a lengthy self-debate over whether I wanted a pink one or another blue polish. Of course, I wasn't fooling anybody with my self control bit because on my way home...

This is a Joe Fresh polish in Hunter. It was the dark teal possible dupe (?) for Nails Inc. Kensington that I was looking for to complete my "set" of the Wyndham. Bonus, it was only $2 as they were on sale! If I only knew that they were half off I might have picked up the much-coveted Twilight, which was sitting right there. Again, I couldn't decide if I wanted it bad enough, so I left it on the shelf.

In other news, my new pair of boots totally gave me killer blisters today after our walk around the mall. In retrospect, I shouldn't have even been wearing them at all, since it is still snow-less in Toronto. Time for a foot soak, and...newer, more comfortable boots?

- K

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