February 10, 2012

Working Hard, or Heart-ly Working?

So, yesterday, I was trying very hard to be productive, and I was pretty successful for the most part. School is literally going to be the death of me, so sometimes the distractions are more than welcome. Despite the relative productivity, yesterday was really no exception to the "you will get distracted" rule:

This was staring at me:

Yes, I know that the bottle is pictured right on top of my drug interactions notes, and no, that's not how I study, with a nail polish bottle on top of my papers, but it was photographed there merely for the insert some hipster talk here. It's a nail polish called Love, from Barielle. LOVE! How could I leave it forever alone on the periphery of my notes?

So I did this with my dotting tools, while listening to the drug interactions podcast lecture, in addition to sending out my minutes -- multitasking!

I was so productive that my body felt obligated to stay up until 1:30 in the morning to do some proper procrastination activities before bed. (I beat my Fruit Ninja score again! 595!)

I would like to think of this addition to my manicure as an exercise in pseudso-self-control. I could have easily done my whole hand, but instead I just did my ring finger (big hearts in Wet 'n' Wild Tickled Pink). That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

Anyway, I was sort of upset yesterday -- not verge of tears upset, but like, disappointed upset. I went to Trade Secrets on Wednesday fully expecting to pick up my lemming from the OPI Holland Collection, but the lady at the store told me that they weren't expecting them in until the end of the month and even if they did have them they weren't allowed to put them out until later. Which was totally fine, because I expected that the US release date may not be the same as the Canadian release date. That is, until I checked the Trade Secrets beauty blog last night, with a post titled somewhere along the lines of "OPI Holland Collection Lands in Stores Today!" dated on Wednesday! I don't know what her deal was, or if maybe the blog is just lying, but it made me a little angry how I walked all the way there and was told that they were not going to be in for awhile, when they could have very well just been right behind the counter.

TGSBS = Thank God for Sally Beauty Supply: those ladies know what they're talking about.

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