February 05, 2012

Valentine's Day Scrabble

Back in the summer, I read an article in the Lifestyle section of the Toronto Star about a "Nerd Wedding". They met as students working at the Science Center and they had the periodic table as the seating chart at their wedding. Needless to say, I was pretty jealous. There were those girls who wore those "I <3 Nerds" shirts back in the day, but I am willing to bet that not one of them was as serious about nerd love as I was.

Now I bet you're wondering what all this has to do with my NOTD. Well, the groom in that "Nerd Wedding" proposed to his bride by spelling out "WILL YOU MARRY ME" during a game of Scrabble. (So JELLY, by the way. This is number 2 on my list of dream proposals, right after "you can be sin2x, I'll be cos2x, and together, we will be one)

So now that you are sufficiently convinced that I am a crazy person, on to the nails:

The base colour is Joe Fresh Caramel. If you ask me if I bought it just for the purposes of this manicure, I will vehemently deny it each time. The thumbs have Sally Hansen Sweet Sunrise as the base and the hearts were painted on with a small paintbrush in American Apparel Angeline.

LOVE! Thanks for reading!

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