February 11, 2012

No Post on Sundays (Alternate Title: I don't pay for pink)

But there is one on Saturday!

The title is actually referring to the fact that we don't get mail on the weekend and thus my wait for the Deborah Lippmann that I ordered as a post-exam treat will have to continue. Not to mention the Konad kit that I won in the Daily Varnish giveaway! Hooray! (Though not really, because they're not here yet.)

Yesterday, after my lengthy rant about a certain store at a certain rather large shopping mall to you, and another, much shorter one to the girl at the counter of a smaller branch of this same store at the TD Center, I got these babies! (In addition to the 2 I got from Forever 21 and a clearance limited edition L'Oreal)

L to R: Love & Beauty Dark Purple, Love & Beauty Royal, OPI I Have a Herring Problem, OPI Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?, L'Oreal Owl's Night
You can't see it in this crap picture, but the 2 on the left have a pretty awesome duochrome shimmer in the bottle that more or less (it's always that GD gold shimmer!) translates onto the nail in the swatches I did on my nail wheels. I'm pretty sure Dark Purple is dupe-y for OPI Ink, which I'm pretty excited about since it came at a third of the price. At the store yesterday it really came down to Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? or Pedal Faster, Suzi!, which was originally the one I wanted, but apparently old (relatively good and reasonable) habits die hard and I was unable to "pay for the pink". I could have easily bought the minis, but...PURPLE.

This week is going to be pretty rough if I don't get off of here soon. I think after Valentine's Day I might start off with a whole month of greens for St. Patrick's Day. I LOVE GREEN!

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