September 05, 2012

You Belong To Me

This is another tale of my trademark indecision. You have been warned.

When the Essence Colour & Go polishes came to Canada, I made a huge fuss over them here on the blog, as well as in every Shoppers Drug Mart that I came across. One night, early this summer, I trekked to a SDM that was only slightly out of my way coming home after work. At this point in my search, I had been disappointed with how sparsely stocked most of the Essence racks were. However, that night I was faced with a full rack. DECISIONS!

I picked up a couple of unique shades and plunked them into my shopping basket, but there was one shade that was peeking out at me. This shade did not strike me as too unique: a Tiffany blue colour, a la Tiffany Imposter (Finger Paints) and For Audrey (China Glaze). I owned neither of the 2 previously mentioned polishes, nor did I have any strong desires to be purchasing either. Mint greens and light blues were in vogue when I started mad collecting last summer, so I had a truckload and a half of these shades.

But still. It was $1.49!

I walked back and forth between the checkouts at the front and the Essence rack near the dispensary and post office at the back about a half a dozen times before I finally decided to bite the bullet and just buy it already. I had wasted far larger amounts of cash before...

The colour was You Belong To Me by Essence, and now it does, indeed, belong to me!

I did, however, notice a difference between this and the other shades that I own, which is a bonus. There is a subtle, barely there shimmer in this colour, which I found to be very pretty, but not as in-your-face (if that makes any sense, since I already described it as barely there) on the nail. The formula, as always with Essence, was awesome: one coat was pretty opaque on its own, but the second was to even it out/force of habit.

Another wonderful thing I noticed was that in these pictures, it leans green whereas in the Avonspiration manicure, it was blue. Both are colour accurate. Chameleon, or optical illusion? You be the judge!

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