September 02, 2012

Club Havana

In my polish collection, I have a drawer full of greens, a drawer full of blues and purples, and a drawer full of reds and pinks. The colour I have and wear the least of, even more-so than yellow, is orange.

Which is a shame, since orange has been really big this summer. Tangerine Tango, a red-orange, was even Pantone's colour of the year. I did do an orange/red gradient earlier this summer, but I haven't worn orange on it's own at all this summer. In fact, it must have been at least a year since I've had an orange mani!

I might be jumping on the orange bandwagon a little late, but here is Wet 'n' Wild Megalast in Club Havana:

Club Havana is a pink-leaning orange with an awesome formula (two coats to level, but could be opaque at one), and an even awesome-r price! (I don't remember off the top of my head, but I believe these are around $2.50-$3 ish at Walmart). All photos above were taken in my makeshift light-box.

On a side note, is anybody else as impressed as I am about how I managed to shape my nubs so nicely? I usually end up rounding the tips off when I cut my nails and then shaping them into squares once the nail has grown enough off the nail's just easier that way in my opinion. But this time I just cut the nails a little less than usual and then filed them the rest of the way down. I'm loving it!

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