June 23, 2011


Hello Summer!!

Even though I've been in "summer" mode for almost two months now, the official start of summer two days ago has put me in more of a summery mood than usual. Recently, I've subconsciously leaned towards cosmetics and creations relating to strawberries:

For starters, last weekend, for my uncle's 50th birthday party, I made lemon cupcakes with strawberry jam filling. It's been awhile since I made cupcakes, and I thought maybe adding a summery touch would be a welcome change from the usual chocolate or vanilla that I usually come up with.

Second, I bought a bunch of strawberry-scented cosmetics -- Covergirl fruit slicks were on sale at Wal-Mart for $3.96, a deal I simply could not pass up! It kind of smells like cotton candy, which got me wondering whether or not cotton candy was meant to be strawberry flavoured...

And, last but not least, I finished off my berry-licious last couple of days with a "strawberry" manicure:
Camera Flash
This is China Glaze - Strawberry Fields: this colour is just TO DIE FOR. Bright pink with a golden shimmer, I think this one is definitely going to be in the usual rotation for the year. I was actually debating for an entire day what colour to paint my nails in my summer mission to have different nails for at least every week for this summer. The decision actually came after a quick trip downtown to check out Trade Secrets and see if they still had the bin full of clearance OPI Shrek Collection that I'd passed up last month and was sorely regretting -- Funky Dunkey for $5.99! Sadly, the basket was filled only with rust coloured numbers that looked, well...rusty.
Anyway, on my way home, looking out the window on the subway, I was reminded of that scene in the movie Across the Universe where Jude is staring out the window on the subway singing Across the Universe. And, eventually, I got to singing Strawberry Fields...you get the picture.

Of course, I messed it up at work after not waiting long enough for the polish to dry, and I ended up trying to mask it using a glitter coat, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - In the Spotlight:

No flash, cloudy skies -- but so flashy!

I really liked it, but it had too much of a New Year's Eve sort of vibe to it, so I scrapped it entirely. I'm actually really excited right now because I just re-did my whole manicure with my new Revlon Quick Dry base coat, 2 coats of Strawberry Fields, and a quick coat of my newly purchased Seche Vite. I'm actually pretty impressed with it, as it's only been about 15 minutes and I'm already typing away on my computer, no problem!  It was a steal, too -- $7 at Winners.

Phew! That was a lot to get out in one post. I'm off to enjoy the rest of my day off. Stay tuned for my hockey nails post in honour of tomorrow's NHL entry draft!

P.S. since the theme of this post was "Berrylicious", I thought I would add a manicure from 2 weeks ago:
The scent was not-so-blueberry after all...

 Revlon Scented - Not So Blueberry: beautiful colour! Application was a bit of a problem, but in the end with a topcoat,it all turned out fine. The scent wasn't too bad, either, not exactly as blueberry-like as I had imagined. The scent bothered the pharmacist I usually worked with, though, so it had to go. Smells kind of like Mylan-Metformin, if you're interested. :P

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