May 10, 2014



After a long absence,  I HAVE RETURNED! My computer has been running at a snail's pace (at best), AND I seem to have misplaced my camera's charger in my move last fall, so I'll be continuing courtesy of the Blogger app on Android.

Life has been hectic in general, and I have just recovered from a bit of a funk...I'm convinced it was seasonal affective disorder because I've been feeling much better now that the weather is a bit nicer.

To go with that, we have my first attempt at nail art in a very long time!  I got this idea from cutepolish on YouTube. Don't you just love her nail art videos (and her soothing voice)?

The colours I used were Pistache by Sinful ColorsHamptons Peach by NYC, and Ahoy by China GlazeThe green of Pistache is much less vibrant in real life - it has more of a dusty feel to it. It's a particular shade of green that I've been looking for for quite some time: deeper and more yellow toned than mint,  but still of a pastel quality. I assume that this is the colour of pistachios,  but since I'm allergic to nuts, it's not a colour that I'm particularly familiar with.

The time seemed right to jump back into blogging with the change of the seasons, finally,  after such a long and brutal winter. We'll see how well I can keep up what with work and such...

Until next time!  :)

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