July 01, 2013

Red Skittles for Canada Day

Today is CANADA DAY, and today I have my Canada Day mani here for you.

Again, my indecision seems to have won in this manicure, but with far less disastrous results.

I'm not really big on red nail polish. In fact, as my collection grew in size, there was a point when I think I had 2 bottles of red polish in a total of about 50. There were a few reasons why I wasn't feeling the reds. Reds are boring. Reds are for old people. Reds stain.

Then, something clicked within. I got my hands on Danke Shiny Red from the OPI Germany Collection in Fall 2012 and I fell in love. Before the winter was out, I'd doubled my red collection. I'd also become enamored with bright red lipsticks. When the OPI Couture de Minnie collection came out earlier this summer, I jumped on it. I decided I would go with the mini set since I'd decided that I couldn't live without the colours in this collection -- my wallet still disagreed, though, so minis it would be.

On my fingers we have Magazine Cover Mouse (index), a liquid sand polish from the Couture de Minnie collection, Nabi Hologram Nail Lacquer in Red (middle), and Innie Minnie Mighty Bow (pinky) also from the Minnie collection. The formulas of the OPIs were impeccable. The Nabi, not so much. The polish dragged in between coats, so it needs to be applied carefully and with a few minutes of drying time in between coats.

On my ring finger, I used a temporary maple leaf tattoo. The tattoo thing has really become one of my favourite techniques. It requires absolutely no skill whatsoever, and it looks amazing. All you have to do is wait for your nail polish to dry completely, and then apply a temporary tattoo as you would to your skin with water and a cosmetic cotton pad. I tried free-handing the maple leaf, but it looked terrible! :P

Anyway, that's all for my Canada Day manicure. I'm proud to be Canadian, and happy to show it all over my nails!

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