June 26, 2013


I will confess that I googled "prom nails" a week before I did this manicure, and I watched a prom nails tutorial on cutepolish's channel which may or may not have influenced the outcome.

PROM NAILS. For my "adult prom", as I had described it to my co-workers.(Prom as an adult, get your mind out of the gutter, there's hardly enough room in there for mine.)  Prom, as in that dance that people have when they graduate, which is what I just did.

I needed it to go with my dress, and I needed sparkle. Oh, and it had to be lazy-proof.

I used 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Grey Area as a base. My dress had a purple-toned silver bottom with a pearly off-white bust. I know that my description doesn't help much, but trust me, this worked. For the sparkle, I used Hard Candy Celebrate Sequins, a clear base packed with tiny holographic round glitters mixed in with larger hex and square holographic glitters. I wanted to get a glitter gradient effect, so I dabbed the glitter on the lowest quarter of my nail nearest the cuticle. After that, I went in for additional coats going higher up the nail, making sure to scrape off the larger glitters on the lip of the bottle.

This was a fun look for me to wear, especially with the holo glitters reflecting the lights on the dance floor!

And of course, the dancing was fun too. :P

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